– Feature: UI performance improvements for large projects
– Feature: Cmds for Analogway Aquilon added
– Feature: Trigger für Behringer XAir added
– Feature: InvertY for Multipad added
– Feature: WebRoot for external files for WebInterface
– Feature: VNC view is enabled for KIOSK mode
– Feature: Clear Cache-Cmd for WebBrowser Control added
– Feature: Fader can proceed full number values by Tick 1
– Feature: Arithmetic Modifier supports converting to/from binary
– Feature: Monitor can be controled by UNIVERSE-Cmd
– Feature: Zoom Meetings can publish participant count on stage
– Feature: JSON path in Data Modifier can use variables
– Feature: Device list can be dumped to a file (Help->Dump Device List)
– Feature: StreamDeck XLMK2 support (BETA)
– Feature: GroupIDs can be defined by UNIVERSE-Cmd

– Change: Decission Modifier is not longer limited to 10 inputs
– Change: Start Screen is mandatory for LITE version

– New Device: xPressCue
– New Device: Blackmagic SmartView
– New Device: Televic Plixus CoCon
– New Device: Novastar MCTRL4K
– New Device: Gunterman&Drunk Digital Matrix
– New Device: Bosch Dicentis

– FIX: compatibility to newest Pixera API
– FIX: crash when unplug and replug network connection of remote Phidgets
– FIX: Zoom Meetings can now select OBS Virtual Camera too
– FIX: Toom Meetings can now select between monitors to share
– FIX: d3 “got to tag”” fixed and types added
– FIX: Output chat messages from Zoom Meetings fixed
– FIX: Crash when switching to a stage that is protected by access management in special cases
– FIX: OSC-Trigger for Fader fixed

– Feature: Webinterfaces can be sitched by logged in user role
– Feature: Changes to variable values ​​within a cmd stack are applied at stack runtime
– Feature: Delimiter for reading CSV files in DataModifier can be customized
– Feature: Clock control can be display date as well
– Feature: Load/Save Snapshots for Behringer X-Air added
– Feature: New routines for CalculatorModifier added
– Feature: Properties of Controls and Devices can changed direcly during the show
– Feature: Selected Properties of Controls can be animated
– Feature: A&H SQ5/6 state of device can be synced tu UNIVERSE
– Feature: Brightness-cmd for StreamDeck-Device added
– Feature: Webinterface is showing a notification if connection to UNIVERSE is lost
– Feature: VideoControl is providing information about playback states
– Feature: Monitor can be filtered
– Feature: Listbox entries can be selected by pattern
– Feature: Vertex commands added
– Feature: Calculation Modifier can round result before providing
– Feature: ArtNet 16bit and 24bit supported
– Feature: Cmds for MDC added
– Feature: Background-Video for Stages

– Change: Creating a new project will not longer need to save project first

– New Device: Barco DP Projector
– New Device: Dolby CP-950
– New Device: TP-Link Tapo P100
– New Device: disguise d3 native API
– New Device: Allen&Heath AHM
– New Device: Kramer Protocol 3000
– New Device: Tascam MX-8A
– New Device: Audac XMP44

– FIX: Pixera-Orbiter issues
– FIX: Textalignment for templated controls is now working
– FIX: Fader-Mapping Behringer X-Touch
– FIX: Webinterface fader with log scale fixed
– FIX: When removing a timeline, representations on stage are now disappearing too
– FIX: VideoControl is deactivating webcam view when switching to ShowMode
– FIX: Visible state of listbox columns will be now shown correctly in web interface
– FIX: Satellite bug with process watchdog function
– FIX: WoL for Satellite improved


UNIVERSE 2023.01 – 4h May 2023

UNIVERSE 2022.04 – 11th Nov 2022

UNIVERSE 2022.03 – 10th Oct. 2022

UNIVERSE 2022.02 – 14th Jul. 2022
UNIVERSE 2022.01 – 11th Mar. 2022
UNIVERSE 2021.04 – 22th Dec. 2021
UNIVERSE 2021.03 – 19th Okt. 2021
UNIVERSE 2021.02 – 7th Jun. 2021
UNIVERSE 2021.01 – 6th Mar. 2021
UNIVERSE 2020.03 – 17th Dec. 2020
UNIVERSE 2020.02.2 – 3rd Nov. 2020
UNIVERSE (gravity) 2020.01 – 31 Jan. 2020
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