– Feature: Autogenerated hover color for buttons is now adapting alpha lavel too
– Feature: Opacity value for Show Mode and Web Interface for all controls
– Feature: Analogway Aquilon: Timer and GPO functions added
– Feature: Fader Commands “Step By Value”, “Step By Value Silent” and “Go By Value” added
– Feature: Webinterface fader improved
– Feature: Webinterface can auto scale and fit to screen or orientation
– Feature: Message trigger (e.g. from UDP/TCP) has a new option “Conatains Invert” to use the input as a pattern too
– Feature: ZoomOSC can receive and proceed chat messages now
– Feature: Single Commands and Trigger can be De-/Activated remotely by UNIVERSE Device
– Feature: MQTT can send fader values
– Feature: Ping Device can provide changes of network devices on stage to build logical behaviours
– Feature: Inputs for Panasonic Projector updated

– New Device: Gude Expert Power Control
– New Device: Novastar Novastar VX4s/VX6s

– FIX: Analogway Aquilon Layer Source Auxiliary fixed
– FIX: Preset protocol for Panasonic Dome cam adjusted to newest firmware
– FIX: Orbiter presets for Pixera fixed
– FIX: Small fixes for YamahaQL commands
– FIX: Timelines of an previous project will not be removed when loading a new project
– FIX: ToggleOn/Off for buttons is now affecting Activation Label too
– FIX: WebInterface fixed for horizontal Status controls
– FIX: Autostart broadcasting NDI for Satellite PPT and Satellite Control is fixed
– FIX: Full Screen iOS flag for web interface is removed (deprecated)

– Feature: Timecode Modifier can convert from total hours, minutes, seconds, milliseconds
– Feature: Group IDs for Buttons to change states simultaneously
– Feature: New Barco Eventmaster commands for multi-user and backup switch
– Feature: Move controls by keyboard with Ctrl or Ctrl+Shift
– Feature: Locked elements can not longer be moved accidentally
– Feature: New commands for VISCA protocol and Panasonic Dome Cam
– Feature: Buttons can be scheduled excecuted when project is loaded
– Feature: VideoControl can now display video streams (WebInterface too)
– Feature: Performance of WebInterface improved for live video (NDI or WebStream)
– Feature: Freeze overlay can be disabled for buttons

– New Device: Chamsys MagicQ
– New Device: Televic D-Cerno
– New Device: Bosch DICENTIS Wireless
– New Device: Shure DCS 6000
– New Device: Beyerdynamic MDC-D
– New Device: BirdDog IP Camera
– New Device: Sony BRC/SRG IP Camera
– New Device: Liminal ZoomOSC

– FIX: Yahama TF protocol fix
– FIX: Enttec DMX Pro protocol fix
– FIX: Security paremter for Epiphan Pearl2 added
– FIX: Crash adding conditon to Modifier Condition
– FIX: Stop Zoom cmd for Panasonic Dome Cam is fixed
– FIX: Layout for text and icons in web interface improved
– FIX: vMix Text-Cmd fixed

– Feature: NDI stability improved

– New Device: Yamaha Rack TX
– New Device: Yamaha Rack CL/QL
– New Device: Barco Projector UDX

– FIX: Stages were not scaleabel in previous version
– FIX: Webinterface is showing Activation Label from Buttons too
– FIX: clock control is showing time much smoother now
– FIX: Copy-Paste of Controls is setting Border Thickness to 2
– FIX: Barco Eventmaster Preset readout is now compatible with Eventmaster v.7.1
– FIX: vertical text alignment for Buttons and Labels fixed

– Feature: New UI
– Feature: Fader and Status can be horizontal too
– Feature: Buttons without any command will show a visual feedback
– Feature: Button can be debounced by a variable time to prevent accidental multiple execution
– Feature: Datatype double added for Ventuz data
– Feature: Devices can be reconnected or disconnected by UNIVERSE commands
– Feature: Webinterface can now switch between stages
– Feature: TextModifier has new parameter for “Split” to search for patterns in split results
– Feature: ArithmeticModifier can convert between decimal and hex
– Feature: Data interpretation for TCP, UDP and Serial is extended by DECIMAL and HEX
– Feature: Arithmetic Modifier can do byte conversions to int23 and float
– Feature: Button Label can be set by command
– Feature: Label can act as (hyper-)link
– Feature: WoL is now using ALL network adaper and not only the prefered
– Feature: Phidgets Digital I/O and Voltage V/Vr can be used over network too
– Feature: Icon support for Webinterface
– Feature: POST/PUT added for WebRequest Connector
– Feature: Toggle State of Buttons can be set remotely
– Feature: Script Modifier added
– Feature: Timer Trigger can now be activated in Edit Mode too (Project Properties)
– Feature: Controls can control themself

– New Device: Soundcraft Ui Series
– New Device: Allen&Heath dLive
– New Device: Kramer VS42/44 UHD
– New Device: BM ATEM Constellation8K (compatible)
– New Device: biamp Tesira
– New Device: KissBox IO3CC/IO8CC
– New Device: Magnimage 4000
– New Device: Magewell Ultra Stream HDMI/SDI
– New Device: NewTek TriCaster 2
– New Device: Modbus Connector
– New Device: Panasonic AW-SF Auto Tracking
– New Device: Phidgets RFID
– New Device: Epiphan Pearl 2
– New Device: OBS Studio
– New Device: NewTek NDI Studio Monitor

– FIX: Crash possible when switching stages over web interface
– FIX: Memory Leak possible when switching between show and edit mode with many stages in 4k
– FIX: Toggle Buttons may
– FIX: Pandoras Box re-connection behavior improved
– FIX: not connected ATEM devices can cause memory leak over time
– FIX: Modifier label are not lost after reload anymore
– FIX: Incomplete connection lines stays visible in some cases
– FIX: Behavior of button images improved
– FIX: Colors can be set by text based color codes too
– FIX: Variable Modfier lost variable entry when creating a copy
– FIX: Error when aranging controls with connection lines by presets
– FIX: Changes in ATEM connection to improve long term connections
– FIX: Devices on Stage can’t be selected in UV commands anymore
– FIX: negative timecode from Pixera can stop a triggered timeline
– FIX: NDI control is not reconnecting to a given source after project reload
– FIX: No response from Web Interface when using multiple stages
– FIX: Adding more than one else condition to Decission Modfier is not possible anymore

– Feature: Support for StreamDeck Std Rev.2 added
– Feature: Coundown start time can be set by text (Label, Modifier) or timecode input
– Feature: Overload protection for Monitor for high pressure message flow
– Feature: Go Fullscreen command for Satellite PowerPoint
– Feature: Overload protection for fast incomming data (TCP and UDP)
– Feature: Pixera timecode can be linked to UNIVERSE timeline
– Feature: ColorPicker Control added
– Feature: Handling of multiple displays/stages is totaly free now even for Primary Stage
– Feature: Cmd “PRESS”/”RELEASE” for VICREO Hotkey Listener added

– New Device: System (local health status and global keyboard input from HID devices)
– New Device: Communication
– New Device: Skaarhoj Control Panel Server
– New Device: VICREO Hotkey Listener
– New Device: Sonoran Coyote
– New Device: Enttec DMX Pro
– New Device: Philips Hue
– New Device: Audio Fohhn Fohhn Net
– New Device: Allen Heath dLive
– New Device: Phidges Digital In/Digital Out/Voltage In/Voltage Ration In

– FIX: Getting multiple TimeToNextCue timecodes from Watchout at the same time can be incorrect
– FIX: Countdown is more accurate now
– FIX: Crash when taking elements from the library without restarting UNIVERSE
– FIX: Run Countdown with Decision Modifier causes crash.
– FIX: Crash when using Numato GPIO as a trigger.
– FIX: QLab prints senseless socket error message when using multiple devices
– FIX: VNC Control is not crashing when using a connection to macOS Screen Share
– FIX: Variables on DecissionModifier was only accepting numbers – not strings
– FIX: Appointments in scheduler were not removed when control with timer triggers are deleted
– FIX: Pictures in WebInterface were broken

– Feature: Cmds added for Spyder X20/X80
– Feature: Using of infrared codes for all devices and logics
– Feature: Add “Combine” to TextModifier for combining of inputs, variables and free text
– Feature: Orbiter for Analogway Aquilon
– Feature: more Shure Axient cmds added
– Feature: NDI control added including NDI-Multiview
– Feature: NDI over web interface
– Feature: NDI support for Satellite Control and Satellite PPT
– Feature: Satellite PPT can send click information from active slide
– Feature: Watchfolder function for Satellite PPT
– Feature: Userhandling for connection in- and outputs improved
– Feature: New Pixera Cmds IgnoreNextCue, BlendToTime und BlendToCue

– New Device: RGBLink Venus X1
– New Device: Roland V-600UHD
– New Device: Roland V-60HD
– New Device: Phidget IR
– New Device: AJA Kumo

– FIX: Watchout: Countdown to next/from prev Cue is now working for MAIN TIMELINE too
– FIX: Bug in NDI-SDK fixed
– FIX: Library was not working properly
– FIX: Page switch for StreamDeck XL is now stable
– FIX: Loading a project by doubleclick an existing project and switch to show mode on startup is working again
– Fix: Improvements for Copy-Paste of complex modifier connections

– Feature: QLab can work without a workspace ID
– Feature: Password panel for KISOK mode is now appearing on each stage
– Featrue: KNX-Monitor can be logged to file
– Feature: Cmd “PIP” for NEC Displays
– Feature: DesisionModifier can nor better detect if comparing of string or number is required
– Feature: Speed up all Modifier
– Feature: “Linking Auto Execute” will execute a button automaticly if all linked parameter are placed minimum once
– Feature: Generator Modifier can generate Timecode
– Feature: Timelines on Stage can provide timecode and can be controlled by timecode too
– Feature: TimcodeModifer to transform framebase and modfiy a running timecode
– Feature: VariableModifier can watch a variable for changes from outside
– Feature: Project title can be synct to project file name (Universe Properties)
– Feature: Watchout- read Timecode and Cues from MAIN TIMELINE is now supported
– Feature: Reading Unicode strings from Ventuz is now supported
– Feature: Right-To-Left-Language support for languages like Arabic or Hebrew
– Feature: Decissions can highlight output connections for a better overview

– New Device: IDK FDX-32
– New Device: Analogway Aquilon (LivePremier)
– New Device: ioversal Vertex

– Change: Linking Parameter to PlaybackPro Cmds Load Clip P/T is now possible
– Change: Project Title will be initial file name

– FIX: Ventuz Orbiter can now better handle data from Template Animation
– FIX: When plug and unplug a StreamDeck multiple times during a session, the system can crash in some cases
– FIX: StreamDeck UI update failes when toggle without commands in command stack
– FIX: NDI-Source List is now detecting sources again
– FIX: Linking-Spots in cmds will be restored corectly after reload

– Feature: Label can be linked to button parameter
– Feature: ListBox input can now be feeded by label
– Feature: connection parameter “Print Incomming Raw” will override protocol settings and create a printout even if the expected line ending is missing
– Feature: Auto-Save function
– Feature: Line Ending is seperated for send and receive
– Feature: Generator Modifier is now controllable
– Feature: ATEM is now independend from device firmware
– Feature: Orbiter for ATEM
– Feature: Blink1 can be controlled over network by using Satellite Control
– Feature: DockingManager is much more responsive now
– Feature: Copy text from monitor to clipboard with doubleclick

– New Device: Stage Timer
– New Device: shure Axient Digital
– New Device: ALLNET ALL417
– New Device: Modulo Pi Player
– New Device: DEXON USA Dimax-Pro
– New Device: DEXON USA Divip-Pro

– FIX: Copying of linkings is now working properly
– FIX: adding new controls will update the control list for UNIVERSE commands without a project reload
– FIX: Combination of more that 2 operator can cause wrong result
– FIX: Stability has been improved for high load connection scenarios
– FIX: Style was not available for Watchout Trigger
– FIX: Devices without Fader or Multipad Commands will not be shown as available for Fader or Multipad anymore
– FIX: Watchout-Trigger for buttons has problems finding the right timeline
– FIX: Sometimes crash when activating a StreamDeck button, that has a twin hided by a page selector button
– FIX: TextModifier has problems with some sensless parametrisations
– FIX: StreamDeck layout is now consistent even if the StreamDeck UI in UNIVERSE is not visible

– Feature: Stream Deck can now used for Button, Label, Picture, Video, NDI, VNC, WebBrowser, Ventuz Preview and Fader
– Feature: Stream Deck can used for video preview
– Feature: Fullscreen Webinterface für iOS
– Feature: Fader has second input for set position by modifier
– Feature: Icon support for Buttons
– Feature: Stream Deck behaviour improved and support for Stream Deck XL added
– Feature: Workaround for special character bug in Barco EventMaster JSON-API
– Feature: Vertical Text Alignment added
– Feature: Countdown can count up too
– Feature: Vertical alignment for Labels (Label/Button/Fader) added

– New Device: Rutenbeck TC IP1
– New Device: Stream Deck

– Change: Stream Deck panel is now visible by default

– FIX: Orbiter Preset Cues Pandoras Box are correct labled again
– FIX: Label of Buttons from OrbiterPresets are now named correctly again
– FIX: Lag while project saving when using Watchout Orbiter and Cues
– Fix: small fixes for Ventuz Orbiter
– FIX: if transition for Fader is to short, GO_VALUE cmd can fail
– FIX: Stage Mode “Hidden” is lost after a project reload
– FIX: Reset countdown via button can cause a missmatch to the start value defined in the property tab
– FIX: Smooth Operator for Arithmtic Modifier was not working correctly

– Feature: New Cmds for Analogway LiveCore added: Switch Input Plug, Load Confidence Memory, Switch Confidence Mode
– Feature: New Cmds for Barco EventMaster: Multi View Layout, Route AUX, Test Pattern, Arm-/Unarm Destination, Screen Dest. Background, Screen Dest. Layer, Activate User Key
– Feature: vertical Listbox Slider has varibale width now (better for touch)
– Feature: Nec Display Cmds: Video Input, Audio Input, Volume, Backlight
– Feature: Button can trigger Label to show current time and last pressed Button
– Feature: UI improvements for Edit Mode
– Feature: Handles for rescale controls and linking points are scaling adaptive to zoom level
– Feature: Streamdeck more accurate when working with WebRequests
– Feature: Barco EventMaster 5.x integrated into Barco EventMaster 6.x -> Barco EventMaster 6.x is renamed to Barco EventMaster
– Feature: Pixera Cmd “Set Cue Name” added

– New Device: MQTT Connector
– New Device: Joystick
– New Device: Phidget Encoder
– New Device: vMix
– New Device: Keynote over Octopus Listener
– New Device: Octopus Listener
– New Device: Roland V-800HD
– New Device: MadMapper

– FIX: Crash when switching to OverlayMode (Version 2019.02 only)
– FIX: When copying Cmds from type UNIVERSE, enumerations can be lost
– FIX: Crash when receiving corrupted data from Satellite PPT
– FIX: Crash when Pixera is delivering Orbiter data too slow
– FIX: Track1 in Timelines is not sych. when deleting fitting Button from Stage
– FIX: Connectivity problems with Ventuz Cluster
– FIX: Dragging groups of controls to a secondary stage will cause wrong positioning
– FIX: Using Streamdeck with Orbiter Presets can cause problems
– FIX: Ungrouping connections can make child connections disappear
– FIX: Preset Buttons from Orbiter can not be connected to other buttons
– FIX: Only Multipad Output 1 was connectable
– FIX: UI issues for Orbiter Cmds after reloading project


UNIVERSE 2021.01 – 6th Mar. 2021
UNIVERSE 2020.03 – 17th Dec. 2020
UNIVERSE 2020.02.2 – 3rd Nov. 2020
UNIVERSE (gravity) 2020.01 – 31 Jan. 2020
UNIVERSE (spirit) 2019.07.2 – 26th Nov. 2019
UNIVERSE (spirit) 2019.06.1 – 23 Okt. 2019
UNIVERSE (spirit) 2019.05.1 – 26th Aug. 2019
UNIVERSE (spirit) 2019.04 – 27th Jun. 2019
UNIVERSE (spirit) 2019.03.1 – 20th Mai. 2019
UNIVERSE (spirit) 2019.02 – 13th Mar. 2019
UNIVERSE (spirit) 2019.01 – 31 Jan 2019
UNIVERSE (genesis) – 1th Nov. 2018

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